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August 18, 2008

Peach Season

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Saturday afternoon I picked peaches for the first time.  I really should have done a little peach research before I went but I thought, “How hard can it be?”  The lady at the orchard gave us 2 boxes and a paper that had a little map of where the different species of peach trees were located.  “A peach is a peach”, I thought, so I flung the paper aside and set out on the adventure.

I have never paid attention to the color of the peach as I’m eating it and when I buy them at the store I just pick up a few that don’t look rotten or smashed so picking them off the tree turned out to be more difficult than I thought.  I kicked myself for not asking questions but there was no turning back now.

I stood in front of the tree perplexed for a few seconds and finally decided that the only way to figure out which ones to pick was to taste test.  I took bites out of the peaches to determine what color tasted the best and what the ripe ones felt like.  After a few peaches, I figured ’em out enough to pick the ripe ones.  Margie, however, was determined to become a peach connoisseur.  She tried one from almost every tree. After we got them home she asked to have one, I said yes and then she picked through the peaches to find just the right one.  I think she really did learn which ones were the best.

I learned that there really is a difference in the fruit from the different trees.  (In fact, now that I sit and think about it…they’re probably like apples…ok…that was a “Duuuh” moment!) I honestly didn’t give it much thought until I got them home and cut up a few.  There is a distinct difference in textures and taste.  I think I may read up on peaches before next year’s outing.

Hehehe, I got to looking at the picture of the peach tree and could almost visualize it talking and singing, like on The Wiggles…

well, it made me giggle…


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