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August 11, 2008

Rachel Who?

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Rachel Lee.  Ya.  NOT Rachael Ray.  I followed a recipe from the Food Network’s Sweetheart and let me tell ya…not Yumm-O.

The crust was Pillsbury Pizza Crust and opening it was fun, just like she said!  I put the garlic on the crust, like she did…OK, not exactly like she did, it was from a tube.  I used the same amount as she did though, but it turns out that the stuff in the tube is concentrate garlic or something because I firmly believe I could ward off any vampire with this thing.

K, after the garlic I put a little tomato paste on, then the fresh mozzarella, and since I am trying new things, I put on some roasted red peppers from a jar.  If you’ve never tried roasted red peppers from a jar, you should!  They are Yumm-O.

I “popped” the pizza in the oven at 425 just like the can said to do and left it in there for 14 minutes…just like the can said.  Well, the cheese was brown and bubbly, in fact it had a hard, crispy texture.  And it was not Yumm-O, really, I’d say it wasn’t even edible.

First attempt of a Rachael Ray recipe…bomb-O

It was a good thing I baked a Freshetta frozen pizza first, otherwise the kids would’ve starved.  I’m going to try the recipe again…I will get better at this recipe!  At least the pizza dough was on sale at Kroger 10 for $10, the cheese however made me a bit upset.  I tried to eat the burnt cheese, I ate a few pieces just b/c it was expensive cheese but it wasn’t worth it.


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