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January 29, 2009

The snow finally stopped…

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The snow finally stopped and the sun came out


The snow plows finally came to our road!


My wonderful brother came and plowed the driveway!


We cleaned off the car


Had some time for some photo shots

margie-with-scraperOf course the typical ice storm photo…I think they are so cool!typical-ice-photo

And then I locked the keys in the car, lucky for me that Margie is a wiz getting keys out of cars!

break-in-911And that was a snow day afternoon.


January 28, 2009

Winter Storm

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My alarms were going off and then the phone rang.  I thought it would be the recorded voice of Scott Prebles telling me that school was canceled but it wasn’t, it was my boss from work.  I sleepily said hello, realized that there was a real, live human being on the other end and frantically turned off my three alarm clocks.(those of you who know me can appreciate that detail)

“We’re closed?” I said

“Yes, closed”

I said, “Like an inclement weather day?”

He said, “No, like closed”

I scrunched my face and tried to comprehend what that meant

“So, I shouldn’t come to work?”

“No, the building is closed!”

“Closed? Oh…okay…well, Thank you for calling”

The Mechano-Scott Prebles called a few minutes later to tell me that school was closed too.  Should I clean my car off?  Or have another cup of coffee and look out my window, willing the snow to stop.  Praying for mercy!  Below is what I see when I look out my windows because I’m not ready to go outside yet.  And a picture of the kids doing the paint by number thing which last like 2 minutes!

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