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July 6, 2008

It’s makin da Jelly Time!

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I have confirmed the rumors, Jelly is easy to make as long as you have 6 hands that work together as one.  It was not only easy it was fun.    It was also a personal accomplishment because last week I said that I wanted to make jelly and I did it!  After so many years of “good intentions” I followed through with something and that brings a smile to my face and an attitude of gratitude for so many things! 

I’ve been a character actress in many jelly making scenes from my past.  I’ve played the role of the child who is under the main character’s feet, I’ve played the villian who stayed in the shadows only to appear long enough to steal a handful of berries, I’ve had a supporting role as the jar lip wiper, and my largest role was a supporting one in which I played the jar handler (moving jars from dishwasher to oven to counter top).  Today, I was finally a main character.  I was one of the two berry pickers and was in charge of some of the props for the final scene.  I stirred, measured, poured, wiped, twisted lids, and handled jars. 

Maybe someday I’ll get to play the leading role of director.  The director has a very important role in the final scene and is the most memorable character.  The director has played all the roles many times in the past and has the script memorized.  She maintains a strict schedule and pushes the characters for speed and accuracy, and she is the ultimate time keeper.  She is also the child wrangler, cheering section, comic relief, and subject matter expert.  It’s a pretty big role and maybe someday I’ll have the honor of that role…maybe someday.

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